borjomi underwood hotel

Borjomi Underwood

Great Location and good value of money

One of my major aspects for choosing a hotel is the location. I like to be close to the city center but still have the feeling to stay a little bit outside to avoid all the people running around. In Borjomi you can find this feeling if you stay at the Underwood Hotel. The hotel opened in 2019 and offers great rooms and excellent service for a medium budget. The staff is very friendly and helpful and one of the owners is even a georgian wine expert. That’s why you get a great choice of wines at the bar. You should try it after your day trip.

Really good price for this kind of standard. Rooms were clean. You can also enjoy watching Netflix and YouTube.


City Borjomi
Central Location Yes
Rooms Double Rooms, Family Rooms
Private Balcony Yes
Breakfast Yes but not included



We absolutely loved this hotel. Perfect location close to the park.

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