things to do on a roadtrip

Cool things to do on a road trip (in Georgia)

1. Listen to music

Ok. It’s not the most creative idea. But road trips without your favourite music is boring. When you take one of the country roads, open the window and turn up the volume. Play your favourite song (and sing). There is nothing better! Make sure that you downloaded the music before your trip. Spotify and other music streaming plattforms also offer a lot of road trip playlists. 

Road Trip Playlists On Spotify Road Trip Playlists On Spotify

2. Play a game

If you are traveling with friends a fun thing to do is playing a game. There are many which can be played during a long car ride. 


One person starts and thinks of something fortunate what happened on the trip. The next person will follow with an unfortunate event related to the idea of the first person. Next follows again with a fortunate sentence and so on. The stories don’t have to be true. Actually it’s more fun if you make something up. Example:

Fortunately we have beer in the trunk.
Unfortunately we can’t open the trunk because the lock is stuck.
Fortunately we can fix it at the next gas station.
Unfortunately the next station is occupied by aliens.



As well as “Fortunately/Unfortunately” Life Stories is also a game for creative minds. Pick a person in one of the other cars you see. Then think of a story/CV about him or her. What could be his/her profession? Is he/she married? What strange hobbies do the person have? Tell your friends in the car, the more detailed the better.

3. Stop somewhere for a (sunset) picknick

The best thing on a road trip is that you are fully flexible and you can stop wherever you want. Then do it! I’m sure there are so many nice spots on your way. Just take a break, grab some food and a bottle of good georgian wine and enjoy the landscape. If you are still traveling in the evening you may find a place where you can watch the sunset.

4. Buy a real map

Almost everyone uses Google Maps or other digital navigation systems to find the places you want to go. But real cool and special is if you use (additionally) a real map, made of paper. Often they are part of a travel guide book. Yes it’s oldschool but it’s fun finding on a real map your way to the next stop. You can trace with a pen the route you drove. That is fun and a real cool memory which you can pin to your wall at home.

5. Ask a local where to eat

Georgia is famous for their food and wine. Like in every other country the locals know best which place has the best food. So why not ask them? Good authentic restaurants you will probably not find in the travel guide book. Try to get in touch with locals at the next gas station or some food market. Unfortunately not a lot of georgian people speak english. That’s what Google Translate is good for! Just write what you want to know and maybe they have a good dinner tip for you.


  • Take photos
  • Listen to an audio book
  • Go offline
  • Listen to a new podcast
  • Take a nap (if you are not the driver ;-))
  • Learn some georgian phrases
  • Plan what to do at the next destination
  • Pick some flowers
  • Write your travel journal
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