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What to do in Kazbegi

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How To Get To Kazbegi

As for arriving at the destination, the most affordable and common transportation is marshrutka, but renting a minivan is also an option. All kinds of transportations from Tbilisi leave from Didube Bus Station. The price for marshrutka is 10 Lari (3 USD) and has quite a convenient schedule – it leaves hourly from 8 am. to 7 pm. As for minivan taxis, a seat for one passenger costs 20-25 Lari (7-8 USD). If you look for more comfort you may consider hireing an personal driver. Read more infos here.

Gergeti monastery

kazbegi trinity church

First and foremost, one of the most eye-catching places to visit in Kazbegi is the Gergeti monastery. It is seen from every place in the city and is approximately a 15-minute drive from the city center. Being one of the highest places in Georgia, on top of 2 170 meters hill, on a snowy and windy day, it can be difficult to get there. Legend has it, the mythical bird has a great contribution to the construction of the church located on the highest place in Georgia. According to folk tales, birds carried huge stones that would have been unable to be carried by locals because of the extreme road.

Nowadays, the route leading to the historic place is still dangerous for beginner drivers. So if you are traveling with your own vehicle, you better use the local driver’s service who has suitable driving skills on extreme roads, has a suitable car, and knows the road by heart. So follow our tips in order to have a safe and carefree vacation. If you are a nature lover and fancy taking pictures, this is a place for you. The mountains that surround the Gergeti monastery create a breathtaking background for your photos.


Another must-see place in Kazbegi is a village called Gveleti. If you are interested in hiking, Gveleti is a suitable place for you to plan a vacation. A place famous for waterfalls has quite an easy road, so you can hike fearlessly even if you have never tried before. The word Gveleti in Georgian means place of snakes, so bear in mind to be aware of cold-blooded creatures.

As Gveleti is located near the Georgian-Russian border, you can see big trucks on your way waiting to import or export goods. The route by foot from the main road takes approximately one hour, but if you decide to take transport there is a marshrutka from Stepantsminda, which takes half an hour, or the cheaper version would be simply hitchhiking. Considering the packed traffic on the road, finding a suitable car for the ride won’t be a burden for you. On the other hand, in case of taking a taxi it will approximately cost 20-30 Lari (7 USD)

The distance you are about to cover in case of hiking is up to 8 km from Kazbegi city center. From the starting point of Stepantsminda main road, after 800 meters you will bump into the split road. Then you have to find a stone with a big red arrow on it and follow it. After you reach the destination point, besides taking pictures you can add a little sparkle to the adventure by arranging a picnic beside the waterfall.

Truso Valley

truso valley kazbegi day trip

If you fancy difficulties, Truso valley in Kazbegi is more moderate in comparison to Gveleti. Hiking from Kvemo Okrokana village to the ruins of Zakagori fortress takes 6 hours. The 22 km route walks you to the South Ossetia borders. Another way of getting there is transportation, for sure. Drivers in Kazbegi will be happy to take you to the valley, wait for you for as long as you desire, and bring you back to Stepantsminda.It will approximately cost from eighty to a hundred lari.


Bonfire and camping in the middle of mountains can be experienced in Juta – a magnificent place is one of the highest settlements in Stepantsminda, Kazbegi. The distance from Kazbegi capital is 24 km long with 4 hours hiking up and 2 hours down. Although being a camping place, staying in the wilderness is not mandatory as there are cottages to stay in with all necessary facilities.


Being one of the most famous and loved tourist places, another activity option would be making group trips with bicycles. In the summer times, while wandering or biking between the mountains, near the riverside you will come across sheepherders, cows and horses on the way to your destination.

If you are a travelling photographer looking for some breathtaking views for some inspiration or project ideas, Juta definitely is a place for you. Besides that, in the case of being a blogger or a vlogger, you can find a lot of interesting places, activities, and stories for the content. So, do not forget to talk to locals and ask about mysterious legends and myths.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

up guest house kazbegi

Kazbegi is a small village but there are more and more hotels and guest houses popping up. So will find a place in every price range, from luxury hotels to a low budget accommodation. Read our Kazbegi hotel recommendations for find a good place for your stay.

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