Craft Beer Bars in Tbilisi Georgia

Best Craft Beer Bars in Tbilisi

When it comes to georgian drinks, of course the famous georgian wine will always be the number one. But there is also an increasing craft beer community. Like in many other countries the diverse craft beer scene is developing over the past few years. Maybe not with the same speed as somewhere else but especially in Tbilisi you can find some really good craft beer bars which are offering international as well as georigan craft beers. Most of the bars are in Old Town so you can easily walk from one to another.

9 MTA Craft Beer

9 MTA is the first address if you are looking for craft beer in Tbilisi. The very modern and central bar in Old Town Tbilisi has  the biggest beer selection in town. It opened in 2017 and is located just a few meters from Liberty Square, easy to find. The 9 MTA is a combination of craft beer bar and restaurant serving georgian food as well as international dishes. You can choose to sit outside on a patio or inside. 

9 MTA is not just the name of the bar it is also the name of the brewery. The owner of the restaurant and the brewery (which is located in Norway) is a Norwegian. They have 5 different types of homemade beers. All of them are served on tap as well as in bottles.

9 MTA brewery beer selection

  • Hoppy Lager (4,5%)
  • Pale Ale (4,5%)
  • IPA (5,8%)
  • Mars Ale (4,7%)
  • Helles (4,6%)

The 9MTA craft beer bar doesn’t offer just their own brand. In total you can choose from 24 draft beers among them: Pale Ales, Lager, Porter and much more. Whatever your craft beer heart desires, I’m sure you will find a perfect cold beer of your taste. They also have a small shop with a fine craft beer selection to buy and take away.

9 MTA Craft Beer Bar Tbilisi Counter
9 mta craft beer bar tbilisi

You can order your beer in 3 different sizes. 0,15l, 0,3l or 0,4l. The price range is from 3,5 Lari for the 0,15l 9 MTA Lager to 15 Lare for a 0,4l Wheat Ale. For georgian prices it is high but compared to other countries where craft beer prices start form 5 Euro or more it is still really cheap for a high quality product. 

What’s more to say? The 9 MTA bar and restaurant offers free wifi and every time I was there the service was excellent and friendly. It’s definitely a “must go place” if you want to drink a good beer in Tbilisi. 

Sma Craft Bar

sma craft beer bar tbilsi

Another bar in Old Town Tbilisi where you can enjoy some craft beer is the Sma Craft Beer Bar. It’s a tiny bar with a nice beer selection. Compared to 9 MTA what is more a restaurant this place is really a bar. You can order some burgers but that’s not why you come here. 

Unfortunately I was there before the bar opened. That’s why I could just enjoy a “to go beer” in a plastic cup. But I didn’t mind because the one I choose (So peach APA) was very good even in a plastic cup.

sma craft beer bar tbilisi selection
sma craft beer bar tbilisi

Warszawa Bar

Warszawa craft beer tbilisi
Warszawa craft beer tbilisi

Also near Liberty Square like 9 MTA but on the other side on Aleksandr Pushkin St you can find the Warszawa Bar. Like the name suggests the owner is from Poland, actually it’s a polish woman. It’s a nice little bar with an additional room in the cellar. They only have a few craft beers (mostly bottled) but also 3 different beers on tap.

We will add more bars shortly. Always remember: Don’t drink and drive! If you rented a scooter don’t use it after your bar visit. Take public transportation or a taxi.


There are a lot more good places to drink beer in Tbilisi and Georgia. So check out the GeoBeerMap by Andrew Braun. Here you can look for Breweries, Bars and Retailers who sell craft beers.

Where did you drink a cold craft beer in Tbilisi?

Share your recommendation with other travelers in the comments. ⬇️⬇️

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