tbilisi street art graffiti

Explore Tbilisi Street Art and Graffiti

A great thing to do in Tbilisi for free is exploring the stunning street art and graffiti which you can find all over the city. In the former USSR days this kind of art was punished but now it is very popular and the art community is increasing. Sometimes the artist wants to express political statements, sometimes it’s just for fun. But they all have in common that their work give an extra value to Tbilisi when it comes to cultural diversity.

Popular street art artists in Tbilisi

There are many famous street art artists but three of them caught my eye in particular. They have done a lot of work around the city. Each of them has an unique style or trademark. You will recognise the paintings easily when you see them.

goshaart - The cat lover artist

If you visit Tbilisi you will for sure see goshaart street art. I like this artist a lot and the idea behind it. Usually he doesn’t paint simply on walls, his trademark is to convert electric boxes or some ugly objects on the streets to real art work pieces. Also construction sites barriers have a new look after he visited it. By the end of 2020 there were over 170 arts in Tbilisi. For the artist it is important not just to draw but also maintain the art works. If one is disturbed he does some repainting. The goshaart trademark are cats, which are included in a lot of his art pieces. If you want to know more about him and his art follow him on Instagram.

goshaart street art artist telephone
georgia street art artist goshaart
tbilisi street art artist goshaart
goshaar cat on tree

LAMB - The lamb lover artist

tbilisi street art graffiti

Another very well known artist is called Lamb. He is a graffiti artist and his trademarks are lambs. He creates funny and sarcastic artworks including some cute lambs. But he is painting a lot of other things too, often including georgian themes like Khinkali, the national dish. If you visit Fabrika, a lot of graffiti designs around this place are from him.

georgia street art artist lamb
georgia street art artist lamb work
georgia street art artist lamb underground
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The third artist I want to feature in this article is Gagosh. His work protests social issues like unemployment,  air pollution ano other social and political topics. Besides stencils he also creates installations where he tries to connect art with technical fields.

gagosh street art tbilisi
gagosh street art georgia


A lot of art you will discover by coincidence when you walk by. But if you are consciously look for it you should go to the following places:


fabrika tbilisi courtyard

It’s the number one place for modern street art and also a hotspot for digital nomads, creatives and travelers. The owners turned an old soviet factory to a creative hubspot and opened the biggest hostel in Tbilisi. In the courtyard you can visit urban style cafes and bars, artist studios, shops, educational institutions and a co-working space. And you will find graffiti street art everywhere, inside and outside the building. The charme of the old soviet factory in combination with colorful art makes this place special and a must-see place on your Georgia trip

fabrika tbilisi graffiti
fabrika tbilisi street art


You will discover a lot of graffiti just by walking around in Tbilisi Old Town. Take a walk through the street, and keep your eyes open. Sometimes it feels like a carving hunt and you are happy when you found a new one. (The Yellow Leaf on the picture is form the well-known world wide artist Kostya August aka Yellow Leaf) ᐅ Follow on Instagram

tbilisi old town street art


Close to the Vake Park is an underground passage which is full of cool graffiti art. If you visit the polupar park don’t miss to take this way in or out. There are even some small shops where you can buy a snack or other stuff.

vake street art
street art vake park entrance
tbilisi vake park underground


If you are generally interested in art, not just street art, you get happy in Tbilisi. There are a lot of art galleries, art cafés and of course art museums like the Museum of Fine arts

tbilisi art
tbilisi art gallery
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